- access to individual concrete forms and textures

Muotobetoni is a new technique to create three-dimensional surfaces in precast concrete. It gives you the opportunity to signature your elements through forms and textures. Usable for both out and indoor elements, our cost efficient molding solution enables altering the design from element to element avoiding unpleasant repetition.
8.10.2018 Muotobetoni presentation at Finnbuild fair on Friday 12.10. at 14.30. Betonipuisto. Welcome! 12.9.2018 Parma Consolis features Muotobetoni 3d technique at FinnBuild Fair 10.-12.10.2018. 1.8.2018 Muotobetoni patent gets green sign from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office 1.5.2018. Muotobetoni featured in Betonilehti 2/18 26.4.2018 Muotobetoni precast concrete creator Renata Jakowleff has been announced as the winner of the 2018 Ornamo Award.
Browse our existing patterns for ideas how to use Muotobetoni technique.
All our models can be combined with textures - your taste is the only limit. Browse some of our textures available at the moment.
Meet our first generation in house and invited designers behind the scene.
Our first location is in a newly built housing area in Kangas, Jyväskylä. The area is built based on Schauman & Nordgren Architects Oy / ApS idea ”Kangas citygardens". Image by Schauman & Nordgren Architects Oy
Muotobetoni has been developed in co-operation with several companies, organisations and experts of variable fields. We are really thankful to our growing web of enthousiasts making our vision come true. Image: working with Topi Äikäs from Betoniviidakko Oy.