Inventor of Muotobetoni, Renata Jakowleff.
Renata is a glass artist. Mastering one her liquid hot glass media, she came up with the idea to transfer her expertise to another liquid, concrete. Muotobetoni is based on Renatas fascination of the endless possibilities the materials plastic nature gives to create shapes. Besides running Muotobetoni and developing the technique further, Renata is still active as a glass artist. Works by her can be seen at
Designers Elina and Klaus Aalto
Aaltos are known designers for their fresh take on to almost any material. This is the reason why we invited them to create their vision of Muotobetoni. We are really looking forward to see their interpretation of our technique later on this autumn as a part of our Friends collection. www.
Industrial designer, sculptor, Topi Äikäs
Topi came to work with concrete through his art pieces as a sculptor. Working in the field for several companies, Topi has developed a wide understanding of the possibilities variable molding solutions can offer in creating aesthetically demanding 2D and 3D surfaces. Topi has been a close companion to develop both Muotobetoni method and its visual simulation. Topi is now one of our first designers to create a pattern for Muotobetoni Friends collection. Topi's projects can be viewed at
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